Here at BuxMont, we celebrate the COMMUNITY that Crossfit inspires. We are a diverse group of individuals who support and encourage one another to meet our individual fitness goals. We have members of all different ages and fitness levels-- from the elite competitive athlete, to the average person just trying to get (or stay!) in shape.


Our membership cost is $75 per month for unlimited classes, or $10 per class if you just want to drop in. There are no contracts, because we know that once you try it, you will love it!

Minimum age for individual membership is 16, with parental consent. We do allow members who are younger than 16, as long as a parent (or another responsible adult) also signs up for membership and accompanies the minor to each class.


New To CrossFit?

Please contact us and let us know if you would like to come in and try a free class! If you would rather observe the first time, that’s fine too! If you decide to join, we will personally schedule a one-on-one, one-hour Fundamentals session with you in order to familiarize you with some of the movements and the equipment we use here at the box (the “box” is Crossfit’s name for the “gym”).



Michelle’s love of fitness began at a young age when she was a dedicated, nationally-ranked gymnast. It continued through high school and college as she worked in different fitness facilities as a receptionist and trainer. Her love of fitness and physiology led her to pursue a Biology degree from Penn State, and she spent 5 years teaching Biology at North Penn High School. She then spent the next 9 years as a stay- at-home mom, raising her 4 beautiful children, and continuing to stay active. She loves running 5K’s, Half Marathons, and Spartan Races with her husband, Josh. It was Josh who encouraged her to try CrossFit, and after her first class, she was hooked! She is currently an L-1 Certified CrossFit coach.


Michelle believes that fitness should be about what our bodies can DO, not just how they look. If we are STRONG, we can carry groceries and laundry, rearrange bedroom furniture, do our own landscaping, etc… without getting hurt or fatigued. If we are HEALTHY, we can enjoy a more active and fun lifestyle for many years to come. Being fit will ultimately make us more CONFIDENT, and confidence allows us to handle any challenge life throws at us. Michelle firmly believes that CrossFit is the best way to achieve a strong, healthy, and confident lifestyle. It can help us to live life to our true potential, the way God intended for us to live!


By definition, CrossFit is “constantly varied functional movement at high intensity.” We believe this type of fitness produces the best possible results. Not only will we look and feel more FIT, but we will increase our “General Physical Preparedness”… in other words, we will be ready to face any challenge life throws at us!


CrossFit is meant to be broad, general, and inclusive… the fitness needs of a professional athlete and the typical gym member differ only in DEGREE, not KIND. Everything we do can be scaled or modified to meet the needs of any athlete at ANY fitness level.


CrossFit is not a specialized fitness program, but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of the following domains: